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Mr. Joseph Quinn » Math Extra Credit

Math Extra Credit

Math Extra Credit.
Generally you will not find too much extra credit listed for math. However, occasionally there are times when an opportunity arises that offers a challenging and fun opportunity to apply the math we learned in class.  
See links below for some of those opportunities.  In addition, if you have an assignment that you would like to offer up as extra credit I would be open to hearing what you have and possibly give you and/or the class the opportunity to complete it.   If you attempt an extra credit please use title given and also the assignment's point value.
Have Fun,
Mr. Quinn
Extra Credit Assignments:
NOTE: "Where Dreams Comes True" REQUIRES you to send me a "program (expression)" written in Excel that can account for "any" possible situation. This is in no way an easy assignment and should only be attempted by those that truly understand how to write expressions and equations for different situations.  You should also know Excel or have someone help you with Excel.