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1. Thursday's DLR for Week 35
2. Chp. 9 quiz The Outsiders
3. Students read chapters 10-12 of The Outsiders


1. Thursday's DLR for Week 34
2. Students listened to Chp. 6 of The Outsiders
3. Some students were able to finish their Advice for Incoming 6th Grader speeches.


1. Tuesday's DLR for Week 34
2. Students worked on Speech for Incoming 6th Graders.  See instructions from 05/08/17.


1. Q.O.D.-List 3 reasons why the slaves should go free.  Explain each reason with a sentence or two.  Please write 4 to 6 sentences please.
2. Students finished watching a clip on the strengths and weakness of both the Union and the Confederacy. They also finished filling out a graphic organizer on this.
3. Students and/or teacher read pages 305-306.
4. Students watched a short song on Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. Then, students compared and contrasted these two men.
5. Students and/or teacher read page 308. They began summarizing the Battle of Bull Run.


1. Monday's DLR for Week 34
2. Students made a top ten list of problems teens face in their journal.
3. After getting into groups of 4, they composed a list of the top 5 problems teen face which were shared with the class.
4. Teacher explained the expectations for speeches for incoming 6th Graders.
Obj: Make a speech that consists of advice for incoming 6th Graders.  One piece of advice may be comical; the other two must be serious.


1. Thursday's DLR for Week 33
2. Students read Chapter 4 Activity-Murder or Self Defense? The graphic organizer in this packet need to be filled out as well.
3. Students wrote Argumentative Paragraph #3 Obj: Argue for or against the idea that Jerome Ersland committed first degree murder.
4. Students started a Socratic Seminar on whether or not Jerome Ersland was guilty of first degree murder.


1. Wednesday's DLR for Week 33
2. Students, in pairs, finished reading Chp. 4 of The Outsiders
3. Chp. 4 Quiz on The Outsiders. Look at the following link for the quiz if you were not here.
4. Freewrite #4-Who do you identify with better? Greasers? Socs? In a 1/3 of a page, tell me which group you can see yourself being a part of.  Give several reasons why you identify with a particular group.


1. Did the Fugitive Slave Act really work?  Why or why not?  Please write a minimum of 4 sentences please.
2. Freewrite #2 see 05/01/17 for instructions (per. 3)
3. Students and/or teacher read pages 293 to top of 296. Students stopped at The Dred Scott case on 296.
4. Students read The Dred Scott Case on 296-297
5. Students watched a short clip on The Dred Scott Case (per. 6)
6. Persuasive Paragraph #5 Do you agree with the Dred Scott decision? Write a 9 sentence paragraph in which you argue in favor or against the outcome of this case. (per. 6)


1. Tuesday's DLR for Week 33
2. Chp. 1-3 Quiz for "The Outsiders" 1. What did Ponyboy and Cherry watch in the evenings from their home? 2. When Johnny was jumped, his face was cut up by someone wearing what? 3. Why did Cherry tell Ponyboy about her feelings about Dally? 4. At the end of Chp. 3, what was Darry mad at Ponyboy? 5. What did Darry do to Ponyboy? 6. What did Ponyboy do in reaction to Darry?
3. Friendship Contract
4. Students read Chp. 4 of "The Outsiders" See the link if you need to read the chapter