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1. Monday's DLR for Week 6
2. Students copied notes on the 3 types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex.
3. Teacher passed out notes on the different conjunctions and when to use them.
4. Students completed a worksheet on compound sentences.


1. Monday's DLR for Week 5
2. Teacher explained how to access Office 365 (per. 1 only)
3. Teacher explained collage project which is due on Friday.
4. Teacher modeled how to connect paragraphs in an essay.
5. Students worked on Narrative Essay #1


1. DLR Quiz #4
2. Students worked on graphic organizer for Narrative Essay #1.
3. Students were assigned an I pad number for the year.
4. Teacher explained how to access Office 365 (per. 5 only).


1. Thursday's DLR for Week 4
2. Students finished Plot Chart #2 and/or finished reading "Stop the Sun".
3. Teacher explained the expectation for Narrative Essay #1.
4. Students created a graphic organizer for Narrative Essay #1.
5. Teacher discussed the rubric that will be used for Narrative Essay #1.


1. Wednesday's DLR for Week 4
2. Dr. Frankenvolt, Mad Scientist reading comprehension
3. Teacher and/or student read up to 50 of "Stop the Sun". Students filled in the Climax of this story on Plot Chart #2
4. Students, independently, began to finish "Stop the Sun".


1. Tuesday's DLR for Week 4
2. The Tank Man reading comprehension
3. Teacher modeled some inappropriate writing techniques (per. 1 only)
4. Students worked on Vocab. Sentences #3 for "Stop the Sun"
5. Students made Plot Chart #2 in their journals. They filled out the Exposition and Rising Action sections. Period 5 was able to complete the Exposition only.
6. Students and/or teacher read pages 49-50 of "Stop the Sun".


1. Monday's DLR for Week 4
2. Students did Personal Best Paragraph. Obj: Tell me about something you are exceptionally good at.
3. Students watched a short clip on what PTSD is.
4. Students started on Vocab Sentences #3


1. DLR Quiz #3
2. Freewrite #1-Is North Korea a real threat to the world?  Should the U.S. do something to North Korea's effort to make hydrogen bombs and/or other weapons of mass destruction?  What might happen, worse case scenario, if we don't?
3. Students finished the Colonial Preference Paragraph in pairs.


1. Thursday's DLR for Week 3
2. Some students finished their "Raymond's Run" test.
3. Students did a paragraph in partners.
4. Teacher modeled a proper paragraph.
5. Teacher handed back a previous paragraph for the purpose of discussing individual students' strengths and weaknesses.


1. Wednesday's DLR for Week 3
2. Teacher modeled scores on short answer questions for story quizzes.
3. Students took the Raymond's Run test.
4. Teacher handed back the last story quiz. Additionally, he went over their scores and/or what they could do next to improve their scores.


 1. Monday's and Tuesday's DLR for Week 3
2. Students and/or teacher finished reading "Raymond's Run".
3. Students finished filling out Plot Chart #1.
4. Students were numbered off for a paragraph they are going to write in partners tomorrow.