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Math & Science 2017-2018 (Period 1 & 2)

Mr. Joseph Quinn
6th Grade

Course Description

CLMS 6th Grade Math & Science periods 1 & 2

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  **Friday, May 25th, 2018**


Math Homework: TBA
Lesson Goals:




Periods 2 & 4
HW: None
**For reference purposes only**
  *  "Warm-ups"   The Theory of Plate Tectonics





Recent Posts

New Homework Procedures

Notice: February 26th, 2018

Starting on February 26th, 2018 and with Illustrative Mathematics Unit 2, Lesson 2 all the Homework Practice Problems "should be" able to be submitting online. You will find the assignments in your JupiterGrades account listed under "Tests & Lessons".  

All assignments listed on in your "Tests & Lessons" will be expected to be posted online before the due date to receive credit.  Please see me if this is an issue about arranging an alternate solution. 

Late/Absent Work

Please be aware that any work turned into the "Late" bin does get last priority on my list of things to do.  It also takes at least ten times longer to deal with a late assignment then an assignment that is turned in on time.  Therefore "LATE" work may take some time for me to get to so please be patient.  However, I will attend to all "LATE" work before posting final grades.  

Regarding Math Homework

 ****Regarding Math Homework*****

As both a parent and a teacher I want both my own children as well as my students to love math. I do not want to EVER create a situation that causes any of my students to feel overwhelmed to the point of complete frustration and tears.  I don't want parents to have to fight with students over any mathematical concepts.  As a parent of one middle school student and one high school student, I know what this looks and feels like.  It is my wish therefore that any student that reaches this point please just STOP and bring the problem to me.  However, I don't want this to allow students to miss the opportunity for productive struggle.  It is through productive struggle where our brains grow the most.  I have a "30 min." policy.  If math homework is taking more than 30 minutes (+/-) then just stop and write a letter stating that your child worked (not just during the commercials :-)) on homework diligently for 30 minutes and still could not finish and I will give them full credit.
This notice is not meant as a "copout" for doing or attempting to complete their homework.