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The purpose of the California Junior Scholarship Federation is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of California students in grades seven through nine, and to promote appropriate activities among its members.

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A student establishes membership by earning academic points. For membership, the number of points earned must be twice the number of academic subjects in which the student is enrolled, i.e., ten (10) points must be earned by a student enrolled in five (5) eligible subjects, twelve (12) points for a student with six (6) subjects, etc., with the minimum number of academic subjects being four (4).

CJSF semester points are calculated as follows:
A grade of "A" 3 CJSF points
A grade of "B" 1 CJSF point
A grade of "C" or "Pass" 0 CJSF points

One additional point shall be granted for a grade of "A" or "B" in an AP, IB, or Honors course, up to a maximum of two such points per semester.

A grade of "D" or "F" in any subject shall disqualify the student from membership for the semester.

In accordance with the requirements for CSF, no CJSF points shall be given for Physical Education, courses involving clerking or office/teacher assisting, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis. 

Click here to download the CJSF Handbook.

CJSF advisors are Joyce Alford and Patrick Primmer.