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P.L.U.S., which stands for Peer Leaders Uniting Students, is an elective class in which the purpose is to create activities centered around creating a safe and welcoming environment for each student at CLMS. Throughout this year-long elective, P.L.U.S. leaders prepare an array of activities such as fun and engaging lunch activities and new student welcome lunches. P.L.U.S. leaders also participate in conflict resolution with peers and more. In addition, four to six times a year, P.L.U.S. plans and prepares “forums” where over 100 students are invited to a day long event where community building activities take place. Students gain an understanding of acceptance, valuing and respecting others. Furthermore, P.L.U.S. leaders create skits, assemblies and school wide activities that address issues that middle school students face such bullying, drugs and other social pressures. Our hope is that through education and prevention of such issues, students will be better equipped to face such challenges in a positive way. In a nutshell, P.L.U.S leaders are the heart and light of the school. Their exemplary behavior, respect and passion to help everyone feel accepted and valued is what propels this class.
P.L.U.S. is presently recruiting for exceptional P.L.U.S. leaders that exhibit the following qualities:
  • Genuinely care for the welfare of others
  • Are not afraid to stand up for what is right
  • Have outmost respect for adults and peers
  • Display responsibility in school work and strive for excellence
  • Are exemplary role models in behavior in and out of school

If you are interested in joining the P.L.U.S. class please contact Ms. Campusano in Room C101 or email her at [email protected].