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GIMP Quickies
Use GIMP for simple graphics needs without having to learn advanced image manipulation methods.

Simple Floating Logo
This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques.

Making a Circle-Shaped Image
How to create a circular-shaped image.

Layer Masks
An introduction to using layer masks to modify the opacity of a layer.

Basic Color Curves
A first look at the Curves tool and adjusting color tones in an image.

Your GIMP Profile (and You)
What the GIMP Profile is and how to use it.

Image Formats Overview
Selecting the best image format for your purposes.

Asset Folders
Extending GIMP with new plug-ins, scripts, brushes, and more.


Photo Editing

Digital B&W Conversion
Detailed conversion tutorial for generating a B&W result from a color image.

Luminosity Masks
Using multiple layer masks to isolate specific tones in your image for editing.

Tone Mapping with ‘Colors/Exposure’
Using high bit depth GIMP’s ‘Colors/Exposure’ operation to add exposure compensation to shadows and midtones while retaining highlight details.

Focus Group
Layer masking and creative filter applications.



Parametric Brushes
A look at the advantages and flexibility of using Parametric Brushes.



Basic GIMP Perl
Learn how to write simple perl scripts using the gimp-perl module (GNU/Linux users only).

Automate Editing
Using GIMP Python to automate a workflow.

Automatic Creation of XCF from JPG
Import XCF images a directory at a time.



All (Legacy) Tutorials List

This is a list of all of the tutorials.

This list is being provided for legacy reasons only. Please do not use it for current, relevant tutorials. If you need a list of currently maintained tutorials with permissive licensing, please see /tutorials/.