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Cougar Connected 24-25

Cougar Connected
Cougar Connected 23-24
Dear Future Cougars,
Exciting news for those applying to Cougar Connected! Interviews will be held at Canyon Lake Middle School this Wednesday, March 20th, starting at 2:15 pm. Please meet to the left of the front office, where a current Cougar Connected student will greet you. Interviews will take place in the computer room and Cougar Connected Studio entering through the CLMS library.
Interviews are on a first-come basis, though we may adjust slightly for scheduling needs. Don't miss this chance to join the team that brings our school's weekly entertainment show to life. Click the link below for additional information and possible interview questions.


Cougar Connected (Video Production)

Students will be trained in using the CLMS television studio and be responsible for the creation and production of the weekly announcements and the biweekly entertainment show to CLMS classrooms. Students will be trained in broadcast journalism, proper lighting, sound, and filming techniques. Possible positons for the video production class may include but is not limited to videographers, journalists, anchors, reporters/journalists and editors. Throughout the year students will use additional applications, such as iMovie, Finial Cut Pro, and Keynote. As needed and may work on other projects for the CLMS Community. There is much responsibility and independence expected in this class, and as such, those who enroll will be closely monitored.


Course Description: During the year-long course, students will work both independently and in groups to learn the skills involved in producing a school-based “entertainment/news” program. Students will learn pre-production skills including prioritizing segment selection, proper filming techniques, interviewing, the use of still and video cameras, microphones and tripods. Students will learn the components of broadcasting including set, lighting and sound. Students will learn to use video editing software to create broadcasts that will be presented school wide. Students will develop writing and public speaking skills through interviews, advertisements, public service announcements and reporter packages.


Self-motivation and a willingness to work outside of class are critical skills for students in the class.


Students will be actively using the internet to collaborate using Office 365 and Canvas. Our productions will be shown school wide and may also include audiences outside of school. Not all students in the class will choose to be in front of the camera, and that is okay. We will give first name only credit to all students involved in the productions. Last names will not be used in our productions. There may be homework for this class from time to time including research, script writing and filming. Students are expected to use class time wisely and ask for help when they need it.  

Thank you for your interest in being part of Cougar Connected for 24-25.
*Below is a list of possible questions you can expect to see during an interview for Cougar Connected. It would be helpful if you prepared answers ahead of time. In addition, it would also be helpful if you Previewed past Cougar Connected episodes to become more familiar with the show's current format. Here is a link to view past episodes
*Note: Although not necessary, you may want to prepare a "mock segment" for Cougar Connected.  I would NOT need this before your interview. :-) This could be submitted at a later date. 

*Cougar Connected Interview Possible Questions

ALL Applicants
  • What is your motivation for being in Cougar Connected?


  • Cougar Connected takes a lot of personal responsibility and initiative to choose, plan, film, and edit video segments. Explain how this is something that you can see yourself accomplishing.
  • Are you willing to occasionally "work" during your break and lunch. (*To film and work fundraising booth
  • Explain why we should choose you for Cougar Connected?
  • What are you hoping to gain from being in Cougar Connected?
  • Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know about yourself to help us make our decision. *It is a good idea to have something to tell us here. 
*Current 6th/7th Graders ONLY
  • Tell us about any ideas you may have for new segments to help improve Cougar Connected.
*Current 6th/7th Graders ONLY
  • Tell us what you like most about the current Cougar Connected. Please explain your answer.
ALL Applicants 
  • Do you have any questions for us?


* Remember to breath and practice your responses. :-)