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Mr. Joseph Quinn » East Coast Trip 2023

East Coast Trip 2023

The East Coast Trip is Back!
The East Coast Trip is going to resume for 2023. This means that next years 8th graders will have to opportunity of a life time to visit the east coast with their classmates. 
*NOTE: Due to popular demand we have added this same opportunity
for this year's 8th graders.
Yep, 8th graders even though you will be gone and in high school, you can still join us for the East Coast Trip!! We know you missed out on a lot during your time here at CLMS. This is our way of trying to make it right.  
This year we will not only be visiting Washington D.C. and New York City, but we are adding Boston. This will be a 7 day/6 night trip, which is one more than any of the previous trips.
Trip Highlights:
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Washington D.C.
  • TWO nights in each city
  • All inclusive
  • High-end hotels
  • Luxury Tour Busses
  • Fantastic Tour Guides
  • Doctors on Call 
  • Guards at night located in the halls outside the rooms
  • SUPER organized and efficient
  • Great food and plenty of it
  • Broadway show
  • Transportation to and from San Diego Airport 
  • Afternoon flight (no early wake up!) :-) 
Tour ID #: 36162301  *You will need this number when you click the link below to register for the trip.
  • 7 DAYS & 6 Nights
    • 2 nights in Boston
    • 2 nights in New York City
    • 2 nights in Washington D.C.
  • Tour ID # 36162301
  • Trip is all inclusive. ALL Costs covered *except extra snacks and souvenirs
  • Students get to choose their roommates
  • We fly out in the afternoon from San Diego
  • We have transportation from here to the airport
  • EVERYTHING is included
  • Parents are welcome to attend
         - Just pay the cost of a student trip
  • We have a high-end coach bus the entire time
  • Broadway show
  • Hotel security stationed outside rooms in the hallways
  • 24/7 access to "Doctors on Call"
  • We stay in upscale hotels
  • Plenty of great food
  • Everything is well planned out! 
  • Top notch tour guides. "DC Dave!"
    • * I can not stress enough how important it is to have a trip that is well planned out with great guides!
  • TWO nights in NYC (This is a HUGE deal!) 
  • Tour Cost
           $3,369.00 per person quad occupancy (Students Only) *By FAR the most common option
           $3,479.00 per person triple occupancy
           $3,699.00 per person double occupancy 
           $4,349.00 per person single occupancy (Adults Only)
- Parents you can sign up for a double occupancy and room with your child if you choose. 
- Parents can sign up for a Student Deluxe Plan with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage to protect your investment should you need to cancel. Cost of both plans is $141.00 per person (quad & triple) and
$162.00 per person (double & single).
  • Experienced chaperone 
   Mr. Quinn
       - 26 years teaching experience & almost 27 by next year. :-)
       - 14 years as lead coordinator of 6th Grade Science Camp
       - 5 additional years as co-coordinator and chaperone of 6th Grade Science Camp
       - 5 years as chaperone for 7th grade Catalina Science Camp trip
       - 3 years YMCA Girl Scout surf camp chaperone (and husband to troop leader.) :-)
       - 1 year as 8th grade East Coast trip chaperone
       *** 3 years as East Coast trip Coordinator ***
In addition I also have the help and support of Mr. Katona. I will have to have him write his own bio. :-) 
Financial Help. Looking for financial help to pay for the trip. Click Here!
*PLEASE feel free to contact me either via email, text, or phone if you have any questions or concerns about this trip and I will be happy to try and answer them for you. 
Nations Classroom  
Mr. Quinn
Cell: 909-576-2025
*NOTE: This is NOT a school or district sponsored trip.  
                                                                           Tour ID #: 36162301