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Mr. Joseph Quinn » Cougar Coders Jersey 22-23

Cougar Coders Jersey 22-23

Period 2: Cougar Coders
- Purchase on Amazon. Prices will vary on options you choose.
Below is the Amazon link of our club jerseys.
- I choose the black/white with gold trim, but feel free to choose whichever color you want. The only thing I request is that you put "Coders" for the team name. Choose any number you like. See sample order below the patch artwork.
Patch artwork if you want to add it: 
Cougar Coders Patch
Step 1:
Click on the link below and choose your jersey. The style is Stripe
Amazon order step 1
Step 2:
Step 2:
Customize your jersey 
Team Name: Coders
 *NOTE: I am going with "Coders", but feel free to go with Cougar Coders if you wish. This is your jersey. 
Number: Choose any number you wish. FYI "Mr. Quinn is #01" It's not off limits, but I just wanted to let you know you would have the same number as me if you chose it. :-) 
Name: Any name you wish, but your "Last Name" is the standard.
Amazon order step 2 Coders