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Camp CLMS Science Camp


Camp CLMS: At a Glance

Camp Dates:   Tuesday, May 7th to Friday, May 10th, 2019

Drop Off:   CLMS MPR on Tuesday, May 7th between 8:00-8:15  AM.  This will allow students to

                   be dropped off after the regular school day drop off rush.

Pick Up: CLMS gym on Friday, May 10th 1:00 PM


Camp Cougar Web Site:     **Password: cougars

“Check here during the week for up-to-date camp blogs and photos.”

We usually post hundreds/thousands of photos during the week. Internet willing. :-)


Camp Contact information:  C.O.D.E.S.  School: California Outdoor Education and                                                                                                                              

                                                               Science School at Mile High Pines, Angelus Oaks, CA                                                                                                            

                                                               Mile High Pines

                          42739 State Hwy. 38, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305



Camp Phone: 909-794-2824 

                                     Mr. Quinn cell: 909-576-2025 


Student Release Waiver  (*Choir students or any other student planning on being picked up early)


Camp Weather (*Click link for an up-to-date camp weather forecast)


Packing List (*Click link for suggested camp packing list)


Cell phones, Electronics and Cameras:  Cell phones can be brought to camp for the bus ride up and the return, BUT will be collected and turned off during the week.  Cameras are permitted, but are brought “at your own risk”.   


Camp Supplies:  Remember to check you packing list for camp essentials.  Don’t forget sleeping bag or blankets and a pillow.  Pack only what you can carry (roll).     



Camp T-shirts:  Students should be receiving their camp shirts before camp.  Please remember to pack them as we wear them for the group picture.


Camp CLMS: 6th Grade Science Camp  

Canyon Lake Middle School is offering an educational outdoor science school for our 6th grade students. The Outdoor Science School allows students the opportunity to learn about the unique ecosystems in the San Bernardino National Forest. Students also learn important lessons on the environment, pollution, biology, geology and more. All of the classes are designed in close alignment with the State Science Framework.
Your child will be able to use sensory exploration at the outdoor education and science school program to understand scientific principles and concepts; Turning what they read about in school into tangible and memorable learning experiences at outdoor education camp. Students hike and explore the unique ecosystems of Mile High Pines in the San Bernardino National Forest, and make concrete connections to natural science fundamentals.
Everyday the passionate Naturalists will take a small class of students on hikes where they will explore different aspects of natural science. Your child will be encouraged to interact and be an active member in the outdoor education learning experience.
There is still space available and camp payment/donations are now being accepted at the ASB window before school, during break, during lunch and after school.
Informational Meeting 2019: -  
                                        -  Date: Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
                                        - 6:30 PM in the CLMS Multi-Purpose Room
                                        - Additional camp information will be provided
                                           *(Meeting is NOT Mandatory to attend
                                              science camp, and NO paperwork will be
                                              handed out at this time)
                                        - Donations will be accepted before and after the
                                           * $50 will hold your spot
                                           * The ASB bookkeeper will be available after the presentation and 
                                              will accept Cash, checks, or credit cards will be accepted at the meeting
                                              or you may pay the CLMS bookkeeper at the ASB window during
                                              normal school hours.  
       *Meeting Flyer*
Cost: The cost for us to send a student to camp is $TBA (apx. $300) per student. In order to make the 2018 camp a possibility we are asking for donations to help cover the cost of the camp and transportation.
Payment: Payments are now being accepted at the ASB window. Credit card payments can be made in person with the CLMS bookkeeper.  (*2017 Sign-up & Payment form)
Due Dates: Although there is no real "due" date for donations (cost of the camp) we are asking that all payments towards sending your child to camp be made by March 30th, which is the Friday before Spring Break.
When: Tuesday, May 7th to Friday, May 10th 2019
          Times: Arrive at CLMS MPR between 8:00-8:30 AM on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
                       Return to CLMS between 1:00-2:00 PM on Friday, May 10th, 2019 
Where: C.O.D.E.S. School: California Outdoor Education and Science School at Mile High Pines, Angelus Oaks, CA
Paperwork: All paper work concerning this year’s camp was sent home to those students attending camp and should be returned to their science teacher by Friday, March 22nd, 2019.  
*NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing any extra camp gear (sweatshirt, long sleeve shirts, or pictures) these forms along with payment need to be taken to the bookkeeper at the ASB window before school, during break or lunch, or after school.
*NOTE: Completing and returning the camp paperwork by Friday, March 22nd, 2019 will help insure that not only will you receive your camp t-shirt, but also the correct size as well as being able to choose your own "Camp Buddy". 

**NOTE: the Camp CLMS Past Paperwork

Continue to check back for the 2019 paperwork.

 Please be advised that students attending camp have been given "color-coded" paperwork towards the middle of March 2019.

Thank You,
Mr. Quinn
Individual Forms
*NOTE: All forms can be located by clicking any of the several links listed on this page.


Fundraising: ***NOTE: Community cards are for sale for science camp attendees  at the ASB window. The cards will cost science camp attendees $1.00 and then can be resold for the recommended price of $5.00, but can be given for donations higher then $5.00. :-) The money earned by the student should go towards the cost of the camp or repaying parents for money already paid. :-) 
This year Camp CLMS will be selling "Community Cards" (local business discount cards)   
*Community Card orders.  Please submit all orders to the ASB bookkeeper by this date at the ASB window before and after school, or during break or lunch.  


**Parent/Student Camp CLMS FAQ Link**
Additional Link from the Camp's web site:

Camp CLMS Information, Blog & Photo Website

The above link is the Shutterfly site:

*password: cougars

Check this camp website for camp updates and pictures during our stay.

Also, check here for important dates, contact information, paperwork and other useful camp information.

***NOTE: The website should be used only

as a reference as a "possibility" for the 2017 Camp CLMS.***  

This may or may not be happen for 2018. However, it is anticipated that Mr. Quinn

will continue his tradition of camp blogs and photos during the 2018 Camp CLMS :-)

**Internet access/speed plays a huge part in this occurring and is out of Mr. Quinn's hands.**


Camp Video Link 

2017 Camp CLMS Sign-up and Payment Form


Camp promotional video

C.O.D.E.S @ Mile High Pines Website 


Below information pertaining to the 2017 paperwork. 

Camp CLMS 

2018 Paperwork

Note: The 2018 Paperwork should be for



Health Screening Form 


*Any student the will need to be picked up from camp early, **i.e.: Choir Performance :-),

 will need to fill out a "Student Excursion & Transportation Waiver Agreement" (see below) 




2019 Camp CLMS Cabin Groups (TBA)


*NOTE: These groups are subject to change without warning