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Mr. Joseph Quinn » Math Class Policies

Math Class Policies

Grading Policy


Grades are on a category percentage basis
* Test and Quizzes = 60%

    **NOTE: a minimum score of 50% on all tests and quizzes will be given to any student that receives a score of less than 50%.  Ex: If a student takes a test with 20 questions and only correctly answers 8, then he/she will be given a score of 10 entered into for overall grade calculations.  Also note that the original test score will be noted in the comments section.

* Homework and Class work
(lesson participation /effort) =40%


Regarding Math Homework


 ****Regarding Math Homework*****

As both a parent and a teacher I want both my own children as well as my students to love math. I do not want to EVER create a situation that causes any of my students to feel overwhelmed to the point of complete frustration and tears.  I don't want parents to have to fight with students over any mathematical concepts.  As a parent of one middle school student and one high school student, I know what this looks and feels like.  It is my wish therefore that any student that reaches this point please just STOP and bring the problem to me.  However, I don't want this to allow students to miss the opportunity for productive struggle.  It is through productive struggle where our brains grow the most.  I have a "30 min." policy.  If math homework is taking more than 30 minutes (+/-) then just stop and write a letter stating that your child worked (not just during the commercials :-)) on homework diligently for 30 minutes and still could not finish and I will give them full credit.

This notice is not meant as a "copout" for doing or attempting to complete their homework. "There are no tears in math!"


***New Homework procedures***

 Starting February 26th, 2018 I will be having students submit their homework via Jupiter Grades (Juno). This will not only give students instant feedback on their assignment, but allow them to submit the homework when it is most convenient to them. I understand that some nights may be busier then other nights and this will enable them to complete the assignment.  I am planning on giving them up till the Unit test(s) to get any homework assigned during that unit submitted.  It will show as a blank space on their Jupiter Grades until I enter their scores, which I am planning on doing a few times during the week. Hopefully this new homework procedure will be a benefit to everyone! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my homework procedure. Please be note that if this in anyway an issue for you, we can discuss alternative options. Also note that, especially during the "roll-out" phase, there may be issues from time to time, and I will be flexible in dealing with these.


Mr. Quinn


cell/text: 909-576-2025


Re-taking Tests and Quizzes

I will allow any student to retake any math test or quiz over and they will keep the higher of the two grades.


In order for a student to retake a test or quiz, he/she must first redo the previous assessment at 100% explaining their mistakes, as well as a parent signature indicating the student has studied and is ready to retake the test or quiz. After this has been completed the student will then be able to schedule a time to re-take the test/quiz.   If a student wishes to take it a third time then the above process must be completed again.

***NOTE: I will allow a student to continue to retake any test or quiz as long as their "retake" produces a higher score.  For those whose score drops, I will still keep the higher score, but future retakes will be eliminated. So PLEASE study and know why you missed the problems you missed. 




Late Homework

I do accept late homework in math, however it will be marked down 50%.  Also note that although I do not give out "homework passes" I will be "dropping" two of the lowest scores in the homework/class work category.  This is in essence, is two homework passes and those that turn in all their homework will then benefit even more.,