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East Coast Trip - Spring Break 2024!

The East Coast Trip 2024
For the East Coast Trip 2025 click Here
Trip Information Update
*NOTE: This is NOT a school sponsored trip!
* Note: as of this update 3/22/24 we have not yet scheduled our pre-departure meeting.
Please be on the look out over the next couple of weeks for meeting date and time.
Travelers (Student and Chaperone) GroupMe
*This option is for travelers to receive information while on the trip.
Parents beware that using this option you may receive messages in the early morning.
Travel GroupMe
EC 24 GroupMe
General (Parent) GroupMe
*This option is so you don't receive 4am wakeup calls.
Also join our
Facebook Group search
"CLMS East Coast Trip 2024"
Please feel free to text or call me if would like any additional information.
Mr. Joe Quinn 
*Text or email anytime, but please limit calls to after 3pm on school days. :-)
Trip Information 
              *Updated 2/28/24
Flight Information:
- Departure: We will be meeting at CLMS on Saturday, March 23rd at 6:30 PM - *(Tour Bus to LAX)
- Flight Information:
    ***Departure (3/23/24): We will be flying direct from LAX to Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) on United Airlines FT#1357
    ***Return (3/29/24): We will be returning direct from Boston Logan International Airport at 3:29 PM to San Diego International on JetBlue FT#19 arriving in San Diego @ 7:09PM
   ***NOTE: Expected arrival back to CLMS should be between 10pm to 11pm. *Students/parents/guardians will need to arrange pickup from CLMS on Friday 3/29/24 at that time.
Hotel Information:
   ***Washington D.C. (Nights 1 & 2) - Sheraton Pentagon City (Sunday and Monday Nights)
   ***New York City (Nights 3 & 4) - Sheraton Lincoln Harbor (NJ) (Tuesday and Wednesday Nights)
   *** Boston (Night 5) - Embassy Suites Logan Airport (Thursday Night)
Suggested Packing List:
- Lightweight layers: T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts
- Sweaters or hoodies for layering
- A waterproof, wind-resistant jacket
- Comfortable walking shoes (water-resistant if possible)
- A pair of extra shoes in case one gets wet
- Comfortable socks (bring extra)
- Pants and/or jeans
- Undergarments
- Pajamas
- A hat or cap for sun protection
- Sunglasses
- A small, foldable umbrella and/or a rain poncho
  • money for souvenirs and any other “extras” you might want
  • Non-perishable snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Personal identification (school ID or other ID as required)
  • A small backpack or daypack for daily excursions
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Portable phone charger/power bank
  • Basic first-aid kit (plasters, antiseptic wipes, etc.)
  • Prescription medications (if applicable) and a small travel-sized first-aid kit
  • Camera or smartphone for photos
  • A journal or notebook and pen (for educational notes or journaling)
  • Reusable bag for shopping or carrying extra items
For the Flight:
  • A comfortable, warm outfit (planes can be chilly)
  • A neck pillow and a small blanket or large scarf
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Entertainment (books, downloaded movies or music, card games)
  • A refillable water bottle (empty to pass through security, fill up after)
  • Snacks (consider dietary restrictions and preferences)
  • Chewing gum or lozenges (to help with ear pressure during takeoff and landing)
Travel Suggestions:
  • Stay Hydrated:
Drink water regularly, especially while walking around during the day.
  • Layer Clothing:
With varying temperatures and conditions, wearing layers that can easily be added or removed will help students stay comfortable.
  • Prepare for Rain:
With a significant chance of rain in NYC and Boston, having waterproof gear and a plan for indoor activities can ensure the trip remains enjoyable.
  • Safety:
It’s important for us to stay in groups and keep an eye out for each other, especially in crowded places
Emergency Contacts:
Please make sure you have my number and Mr. Katona’s as well.
Mr. Quinn: (909) 576-2025
Mr. Katona: (951) 764-0794
Also, make sure we have your number.
In addition I would like to send an invitation to Join Our Life360 Circle for the 8th Grade East Coast Tour
Parents of the 8th Grade East Coast Tour Travelers,
As we prepare for our upcoming trip, the safety and well-being of our students are our top priorities. In our continuous effort to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone, we’ve decided to utilize Life360, a location-sharing app, for emergency tracking situations.
We understand the importance of privacy and want to reassure you that this measure is strictly for safety purposes. By joining our “Life360 East Coast 24 Tour Circle,” you’ll be kept informed of the group’s location during our trip, providing an additional layer of security for our travelers.
Please rest assured, this group is specifically created for our CLMS 8th grade trip and will be deleted once we return. Participation is entirely voluntary, but we encourage you to join to enhance our collective peace of mind.
To join the circle, please use the following invite code: UQX-ILN. You can download the app via this link:
Thank you for your understanding and support. We are looking forward to an educational and memorable trip with your children.
Packing List NC
Other Information: (Below are some highlights of the trip. This does not include the entire itinerary.)
Washington D.C. (Sunday and Monday Nights)
   * Arlington National Cemetery (Changing of the Guard)
   * Smithsonian Museums
   * Mount Vernon Tour
   * Capitol Tour
   * White House (Photo stop)
   * Memorials -
      - Washington Monument
      - Lincoln
      - Jefferson
      - FDR  
      - MLK Jr.  
      - US Marine Corps 
      - Air Force
      - WWII  
      - Vietnam Veterans War 
      - Korean War  
      - Pentagon 9/11  
NYC (Tuesday and Wednesday Nights)
   * Central Park
   * Times Square
   * Broadway Show - The Outsiders
   * Rockefeller Center 
   * One World Trade observation 
   * Wall Street
   * Statue of Liberty Photo Cruise
Boston (Thursday Nights)
   * Freedom Trail 
   * Paul Revere House
   * Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum
   * Harvard University walk
   * Prudential Center observation 
   * Duck Boat Tour
Ready to sign up for the trip of a lifetime?
The 2025 Trip is now open for sign-ups
Use TRIP LINK and trip ID #36162503
to sign up now!
PLEASE feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. 
I can be reached directly via my cell phone at:
This year we will not only be visiting Washington D.C. and New York City, but we are adding Boston. This will be a 6 day/5 night trip, which is one more than any of the previous trips.
Trip Highlights:
  • Washington D.C.
  • New York
  • Boston
  • TWO nights in each city
  • All inclusive
  • High-end hotels
  • Luxury Tour Busses
  • Fantastic Tour Guides
  • Doctors on Call 
  • Guards at night located in the halls outside the rooms
  • SUPER organized and efficient
  • Great food and plenty of it
  • Broadway show
  • Transportation to and from San Diego Airport 
  • Afternoon flight (no early wake up!) :-) 
Tour ID #: 36162402
  • 6 DAYS & 5 Nights
    • 1 night in Boston (2 days)
    • 2 nights in New York City
    • 2 nights in Washington D.C.
  • Tour ID #  
  • Trip is all inclusive. ALL Costs covered *except extra snacks and souvenirs
  • Students get to choose their roommates
  • We fly out in the afternoon from San Diego
  • We have transportation from here to the airport
  • EVERYTHING is included
  • Parents are welcome to attend
         - Just pay the cost of a student trip
  • Experienced Trip Coordinators  
   Mr. Quinn
       - 27 years teaching experience & almost 27 by next year. :-)
       - 14 years as lead coordinator of 6th Grade Science Camp (17 total years)
             - 3 additional years as co-coordinator and chaperone of 6th Grade Science Camp
       - 5 years as chaperone for 7th grade Catalina Science Camp trip
       - 3 years YMCA Girl Scout surf camp chaperone (and husband to troop leader.) :-)
       - 1 year as 8th grade East Coast trip chaperone (5 years total)
       *** 4 years as East Coast trip Coordinator ***
In addition I also have the help and support of Mr. Katona. I will have to have him write his own bio. :-) 
Financial Help. Looking for financial help to pay for the trip. Click Here!
*PLEASE feel free to contact me either via email, text, or phone if you have any questions or concerns about this trip and I will be happy to try and answer them for you. 
Nations Classroom  
Mr. Quinn
Cell: 909-576-2025
*NOTE: This is NOT a school or district sponsored trip.  
Pre-Departure Meeting Slides