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Mr. Joseph Quinn » Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday



Throwback Thursdays - Retro Arcade eSports Competition in B-103 during both lunches on Thursdays. Click the link to sign up. Prizes will be awarded and recognition on Cougar Connected for each week's winners.



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NOTE: Competitions will start 15 minutes after the lunch starts. You may come early and practice, but no scores will count until the timer starts.
  • 1st Lunch competition starts @ 12:40pm and runs through 12:50pm
  • 2nd Lunch competition starts @ 1:36pm and runs through 1:46pm
Competition Dates:
                   >Donkey Kong
                   >Ms Pacman
  • Thursday, November 30th: Tetris
  • Thursday, December 7th: Galaga
                 >Space Invaders            
*Note: For Donkey Kong YOUR score will be listed as "1UP". Donkey Kong does NOT save scores, so you will need to either screenshot your score, take a picture using your phone or call one of the judges, aka - Mr. Quinn to verify your score. 
           Galaga                   Defender                      Joust
    >Defender    >JoustGalaga      
          Ms PAC-MAN                            Frogger                                 Space Invaders
>Ms Pacman        >Frogger              >Space Invaders
            Astriods                               Tetris                                 Flappy Bird  
>Astroids            > Tetris                         >Flappy Bird
         Donkey Kong                          Santa Flap - Winter Fest
>Donkey Kong                     Flappy Santa
     Santa Flap Hard                            Flappy Mario
   Hard Flappy Santa                 Flappy Mario
         Rollerball                                 Geometry Dash
Rollerball                     gd        
        Drift Boss                                 STACK