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Wendy Daley

Wendy Daley
951 244-2123 x 5125
Looking Forward to a Great New Year!!!
I have planned an exciting year for our students. For social studies we will be studying about different cultures and places from around the world. In examining these locations students will learn of the impact historical events have on our very global society. I very much look forward to teaching your student about world history.
As their parent, you are the most important person in your child's life. I will continually keep you informed about your child's progress. As their teacher, I ask for your support of the homework assignments, academic goals and classroom discipline plan I have set for the students. With both of us working together in support of your child, I am confident that we will all have a successful year!
Wendy L. Daley
"Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."
- Henry Peter Brougham
Mrs. Daley's Rules and Supplies
Dear Parents:
So that a positive learning environment is achieved, and your child will know the classroom expectations, I am posting the classroom rules. Please read them over with your child. If you have any questions please contact me as soon as possible at Canyon Lake Middle School. (951) 244-2123 ext. 5125 or my e-mail [email protected]
Thank you,
Mrs. Wendy L. Daley

• All work is due on assigned day and time. Any assignment under 100 points not turned in on time will result in a zero.
• Any assignment over 100 points will be lowered one grade per day, everyday it is late.
• Assignments assigned prior to a student's absence (including long-term assignments) are due the day the student returns to school.
• In case of excused absences, students are given two days to complete the assignment for every day they were absent. Please check assignments from my 7th Grade Calendar link on this page.
• No inappropriate language.
• Be on time and in assigned seat when the teacher calls the class to order.
• Be respectful of others and their property.
• Have all materials needed for class at all times.
• Keep all unit materials/worksheets until ENTIRE unit is submitted for final evaluation.

• Pencil and Pen (Blue or Black ink only)
• Textbook
• Lined Notebook Paper
• Color pencils/crayons
• Ruler