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Students » Restriction List Criteria

Restriction List Criteria

A student who is on the restriction list can be excluded from school activities such as field trips and dances.

1.  Outstanding School Debts

•Textbooks owed
•Library books owed
•Fines from library
•ASB fines owed
•NSF Checks from parent/guardian
•Unreturned fundraiser products
•P.E. lock replacement
•And other fines. 

2.  1 or more "F"'s at last progress/grade report

3.  1 or more "U"'s at last progress/grade report

4.  3 or more "N"'s at last progress/grade report

5.  GPA under 2.00 at last progress/grade report

6.  Failure to have current Medical Cards and/or Emergency Cards on file

7.  Excessive tardiness (more than 5 per semester 1st period and/or period tardies)

8.  3 or more unverified absences or truancies and/or SARB contract per year

9.  Exclusion as per administrative decision (disciplinary violations, suspensions)